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July 13, 2013 / NextStepU

The NextStepU blog has moved!

The NextStepU blog has moved to a new URL. We loved this space and it served us well — but we’ve made a better home on a new page. Please visit us at:

If you had put us in a blog reader feed such as Bloglovin or Feedly, make sure to update the URL so you will continue to receive new content. If you had an email subscription, this will be the last email you get unless you subscribe in the sidebar on the new site.


Thank you in advance for following us to the new blog!

> Look for the winners announcement for the Summer Giveaways on the new site early next week. If you were a winner we’ll need to hear from you to get your shipping address — you won’t want to miss that if you were one of the many lucky winners!



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