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July 11, 2013 / NextStepU

Summertime Bucket List — Part 1


It’s finally over; all the tests, late nights doing homework and studying have all led to this: your high school graduation. It’s definitely a time to celebrate and as you begin your summer break between high school and college, we want to encourage you to partake in some things that are both fun and meaningful. This year is the start of something really significant for you so make the most it!

1. Bask in the glory of your graduation
I don’t know if you’ve realized this yet or not but YOU DID IT! I know the summer after my senior year I found myself thinking, how all of a sudden am I just done with school after being here for the past 12 years of my life? It might take a while for you to realize it but you’ve made it to graduation and you should take the time to be proud of yourself for accomplishing that. Perhaps a celebratory cupcake is in order.

2. Go somewhere you never have before
No matter how long you’ve spent in the town you’re living in now, there’s always something you haven’t experienced yet. Think about a place you’ve always heard about but never got the chance to see. Now is your time to experience it!

3. Annoy the heck out of your friends
I don’t necessarily mean annoy as in pick on their last nerve until they hate you (although if you can do it for a laugh, go for it). What I mean is, spend as much time as possible with your friends right now. You have almost no responsibilities; all your work from high school is turned in and you don’t have any assignments for college yet. With all that free time (which, trust me, you probably won’t ever see again – spoiler!) use it to goof off with the friends you’ve gotten closest to in high school. There’s no telling were you’ll go in the future, but you have right now so live in the moment.

4. Start a journal
It doesn’t have to be sentimental like “the day my life changed forever” or poetic like “as the clouds softly roll by I remember the days of my youth.” No. Keep it genuine as to how you’re feeling and what you’ve done. It’s really fun to go back and read the thoughts that you had back then. It’s even more fun to laugh at yourself for some of those ridiculous thoughts you used to have.

5. Take a vacation…with your parents
I know what you’re thinking, the last thing you want to be doing right now is spending time with your parents. You’re free! You’re an adult! You’re independent! All very true things, however you have to realize that while this time is something new and exciting for you, it’s new for your parents too. And sometimes, in parent-world, when it comes to their baby, new is not always a good thing. So, take some time during the summer to bond with the parental units, either for a big trek across the country or for a weekend in a nearby city. Either way, it’s something both you and they will appreciate.

—By Laura Sestito

We are just getting started! We’ll be back in a few hours with the new set of tips for what to do this summer. Even if you aren’t about to go away to college in the fall, there might still be some great ideas on how to spend your time.



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