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June 12, 2013 / NextStepU

Counselors: Time to relax! (Part 3)


Welcome back, counselors! This is Part 3 of our series today on how you can recharge and relax as the school year winds down. With the year finished already or just about to end for summer break, we asked counselors how they unwind.

We shared with you in Part 1 about exercise being one of the top responses. In Part 2 we looked at responses that noted pets, family, friends and splurging a bit as ways to relax.

Now we have some great responses on meditation and relaxation techniques.

“One of the best ways I have found to relieve stress is to take a long walk and observe the beauty of the great outdoors.” —Debra Turman

“To relieve my stress, as well as some of my overly stressed seniors, I keep thera-putty and squeezible, squishable toys in my office for kids. It is so much better than nail biting.” —Mary A. Gilkey

“I walk and pray to relieve my stress.” —Rochelle Davis

“At work I like to play calming, relaxing music in my office. That keeps my stress level down at this hectic time of year.” —Deborah Hawley

“My number one stress reliever is meditation. No matter your spiritual heritage or religious background, intentional thought, stillness of the body, and focus on feelings of gratitude and wellness can help relax and rejuvenate you. Find a peaceful place for mind and body!” —Molly Cassiday

There were also some great out-of-the-box and fun ideas, too.

“I watch ‘The Office’ on NBC to relieve stress. It makes me laugh when I see the quirky work place antics that are similar to my own.” —Sarah Briggs

“Our department hosts a Fluffernutter sandwich luncheon for all the faculty complete with Wonderbread and Ruffles chips….it’s a must have as we “ramp up” to the end!  And, several of us run, so to balance out the Fluff, we head out after school!” —Nikki St.Mary

“I enjoy working on my farm, feeding my fish and acupuncture to help reduce my stress.” —Jessica Wood

“For me the best stress reliever is knitting, particularly an uncomplicated project. So after a difficult day at school, I turn on a mindless television program, sit on the sofa and knit.” —Bonnie Miller

“My #1 stress reliever: LAUGHTER! Laugh at yourself, laugh with your colleagues! —Jeannine Hisel 

“Play with Clay! There is nothing more relaxing than wheel-throwing a beautiful bowl.” —Robbyn Candelaria

“I like to coach that is my great way to relieve stress and connect with kids.” —Nicolas Black

Thank you to all of the counselors who answered our request for tips & tricks on relieving end-of-the-year stress. We really enjoyed reading all of the responses.

Feel free to leave your advice in the comments section. We’ll be sharing more tips and tricks on Twitter and Facebook, so we can always use more ideas! (Leave your Twitter name in the comment if you’d like us to link back to you.)



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