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April 29, 2013 / NextStepU

Military Monday – 5 myths about recruitment

0513_5mythsmilitaryAre you considering the military as part of your post-graduate plans? If so, it’s important to be able to separate the myth from fact so we’re picking apart some military “myths” and getting the truth behind what you should really expect from recruitment.

1. Recruiters only want full-time soldiers
Military options are not limited to full-time commitments. In fact, there are a number of part-time opportunities that students can take where they can serve and learn at the same time. In addition, many of these part-time opportunities offer monetary compensation for tuition, books and other college costs through incentives like the GI Bill.

2. The military will take anyone
With more students considering the military with the numerous financial benefits, branches have become more selective in who they admit to their program. Since your admission is not guaranteed, if you meet with a recruiter it’s important to present your very best self and be able to explain why you deserve admission to their branch.

3. Recruiters will tell you what you want to hear
As with any organization, recruiters want to encourage their program in the best way possible. However, that doesn’t mean that if you have reservations about joining the military that they won’t get answered. Recruiters offer full disclosure to any question you have.

4. The service will decide your job
Students will take the ASVAB test before joining that will help them discover their aptitudes. From this test, your recruiter will look for job openings that pertain to your abilities and help you develop career skills in that field. However, you aren’t “stuck” with the job you are given – if you’re not given something that interests you, your recruiter will check again until they find something suitable.

5. Recruiters will convince your parents for you
If you’re under 18, you’ll need parental consent to join the military. If parents are hesitant, it’s up to you to justify your reasonings and be an expert about everything that is expected of you. Recruiters will help answer questions but shouldn’t be relied upon to do any convincing.

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Want to find out more about joining the military? Our military resource is here to help answer the questions that you have.


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