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April 8, 2013 / NextStepU

Major Monday: Public Administration

iStock_000008214004SmallDo you want to help people and work toward solving issues that society faces today? Are you able to see all sides of an issue and maintain a common ground between people on opposing sides? With a major in Public Administration you could end up changing various communities for the better!

Education: According to The College Board this major is complete with a Bachelor’s degree. To make the transition into this major easier it will be helpful to take high school courses in AP Microeconomics, AP U.S. Government and AP U.S. History. These will carry over well into typical Public Administration college courses, which may include: public policy, economic development and structure of state government.

What to know before you apply: It’s important to be sure that the schools you are looking to apply to have a public administration major. Look to see what the program’s emphasis is on. Does the major focus on government careers or nonprofit administration? If it focuses on one, does it offer any classes for the other? Also find out if there are internship positions available at local organizations that you may be interested in.

Salary: This major allows you to choose a career in various areas. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, legislators earned an average salary of $38,860 in 2011, while U.S. senators and representatives earned an average of $174,000. Careers in public advocacy are also an option and pay varies on experience.

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