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January 17, 2013 / NextStepU

Book Review – Military Benefits for College

Blank white book w/pathIf you’ve been trying to decide between going into the military or attending college, you should know that it is not necessarily an either/or choice. In fact, according to authors David J. Renza and Lieutenant Colonel Edmund J. Lizotte, “The dynamics of the changing industries and technology mean that earning your degree is now a requirement.” Higher education is more important than ever, especially if you wish to move up in the ranks of the military.

The book, “Military Education Benefits for College: A Comprehensive Guide for Military Members, Veterans and Their Dependents” by Renza and Col. Lizotte, aims to inform readers how to access, utilize and take advantage of military benefits in order to earn their degree. This guide offers readers a step-by-step process of what students serving the military should do to prepare for their future.

Each chapter highlights certain “big ideas” and “important points” for readers to keep in mind, which is useful for pinpointing what information you should pay extra attention to. Also included are helpful screen shots of websites that students will likely have to use, as well as copies of forms that can help students get a better idea of what information they will need to get together before they apply.

I found the “checklist” to be particularly helpful, which can be found in the appendix. This list is intended to encourage readers to keep track of all of their research, including what schools and programs they have looked into, what applications they have sent in and a list of questions they should ask admissions personnel that they want to have answered.

This book is an informative, current guide that can help students who are considering serving in the military while going to college. If that’s you, it will help you figure out where to start and how to be successful throughout the process. With a decision as big as this, it’s important to know what you need to do and this book is a great first step in making plans for your future.

By Laura Sestito



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