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January 7, 2013 / NextStepU

Teen Advisory Board Sound-Off

Our Teen Advisory Board is made up of teens from across the country who weigh in on questions that we ask them about college planning and their future steps. Here’s what some of our teens had to say!

Q: Have you ever considered joining the military? Why or why not?


“Yes, I have considered going into the military many times, and was very much looking into it for the scholarship aspect of it! I was so excited that I could do something for my country, and when I would return they’d give me a scholarship to go to college! Although, as I researched further and talked to many representatives, I soon found out that people with certain diseases (like diabetes in my case), could not join any part of the military. I checked each branch…and each and every one said they did not accept diabetics. I was upset, but I figured that it’s for my own safety I am sure.”

—McKenzie Nelson
Hendricks, Minnesota

Q: Success is about more than how much money you make. So, what does success mean to you?

TAB-JulieSaint-Vil“Success means accomplishing a goal despite the hardships and obstacles one has had to overcome to get to a certain place.”

— Julie Saint-Vil
North Miami Beach, Florida

TAB-EnikoFekete“Success is about living your best life!”

— Eniko Fekete
Chicago, Illinois


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