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January 2, 2013 / NextStepU

A college student’s look back at 2012

Before I get into my highly nostalgic rant, I would like to congratulate everyone on making it to this point. It was looking unclear as to whether or not we would make it to 2013 at all, if what you believed of the Mayans was true. But alas, here we still are and boy am I glad for it because this is the year I GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE ONCE AND FOR ALL! It took a lot of hard work to get to this point but now the moment is almost upon me.

So what have I learned in this past year to prepare me for my life ahead? It’s been a combination of both academic and life skills such as learning how to develop a hypothetical online business or how to make my designs more visually appealing or how to turn my apartment living room into a makeshift dance floor. These are the things that are going to take me into my future.

Okay, maybe the dance floor isn’t that practical. But staying physically fit? Sure enough! Maybe you get your workouts in other ways than prancing around your living room to bad pop music but, hey, to each his own right?

Anyway, I feel as though this year has been my time to grow up a little bit more (living room/dance hall scenario aside). I’ve had far more responsibility in this past year than I’ve ever had as I juggled schoolwork, classes, my on-campus job, my job at NextStepU (represent!) and my responsibility as editor of the school newspaper. Yeah, it was tough and yeah, sometimes when everything was coming all at once I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown (see “Mid-Semester panic” post from a few weeks ago). But you know what? I like being busy. I like being responsible. I like the idea that there are people counting on me to keep things going. It feels, well, grown up.

If you had asked me a year ago how I felt about graduation I probably would have said something along the lines of “Oh, no please don’t make me do it!” Now, though, the idea of a new chapter is something that I’m quite looking forward to. For all of you out there who are struggling with the idea of a future that’s going to change, I totally hear you. However I’m starting to reach that point where I want a change and now that I feel like that – it’s not even scary at all.

So, here’s to a great new year! It might be filled with change but what kind of people would we be without it?

Until next time,



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