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December 26, 2012 / NextStepU

A new way to learn: Next Step Academy

It’s called Next Step Academy and it is the BRAND NEW way to learn! How can you access the classes, badges and skills already available at Next Step Academy? It’s easy!

For only $50 a year, you will get complete access to the classes already available — with more scheduled to be posting in 2013.

Interested in learning more about credit is? How about paying for college? Maybe you want to learn more about being healthy and staying fit. Do you want to start a business? These are all current class topics at Next Step Academy. Click HERE for the list of courses you can sign up for and take today.

Upon completion of the courses, you’ll acquire badges — badges that could be accepted at your future college for application towards scholarships. Some high schools are even looking at accepting the badge from the distracted driving course for access to a parking pass on campus.

So don’t delay — SIGN UP FOR NEXT STEP ACADEMY ONLINE COURSES TODAY! Get the pricing and registration information HERE.


Are you a teacher, principal or counselor at a high school? Contact and ask about how you can get access to these classes for your students.

Do you work in admissions at a college or university?  Contact and ask about how you can reach perspective incoming freshman.


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