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December 5, 2012 / NextStepU

May the finals be ever in your favor

Ah, December. A time for snow, carols, cookies and endless amounts of shopping. All of these things are wonderful and bring cheer to one and all!

Finals week level: polar bear.

Finals week level: polar bear.

The only problem? For the next two weeks I will be shut out of the joy that is the holiday season because of one thing: finals.

After a long semester’s worth of hard work, it seems to me that we should reward our brains with an endless loop of movies and snack-type-things and social activities that we’ve been missing out on the whole semester due to our excessive workloads.

But does this happen? No. Instead, we get a week of “let’s test you on everything you’ve ever learned in this class, plus do a project on it for me, plus why not write a reflection paper as well, plus let’s make it within hours of another class with similar expectations, plus oh what the heck why not make it at 8:00 a.m. this Saturday?!” Brilliant.

However despite all that, I find that finals week is actually my most organized week of the semester. Since I have no choice but to organize every single second of my day, I have time to, like, get things done ahead of time. It’s a crazy concept. I even watched 10 minutes of “Christmas Vacation” the other night without panicking about what I should actually be doing with my time. It made me realize that hey, maybe I should actually do this throughout the semester! Of course I think this every year and end up in the same place, but you know it’s the thought that counts.

So anyway, as you are embarking on your finals week or are preparing for your last few weeks of classes before your winter break just keep in mind that despite the fact that everything seems to be piling on you at once, as long as you plan everything you need to get done accordingly you’ll have no problem accomplishing it all. And just think: once it’s (finally!) all over, you can sing all the carols and eat all the cookies and watch all the movies you could ever want!

May the finals be ever in your favor!

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