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October 31, 2012 / NextStepU

Halloween for haters.

Being that it’s Halloween today, I knew that I wanted to write about something Halloween-related to be, you know, relavent. I could talk about how cool my roommates and I are for coordinating “UP!” costumes and looking fresh as all get-out. (In case you were wondering I was Russel. I even found my old Girl Scout Troop sash from 1998 to wear for the occasion.) Or I could ramble on about how this is the greatest holiday ever because of a little thing called FREE CHOCOLATE.

But, instead, I started thinking about all the people in my life who hate Halloween. For me, Halloween is a pretty cool holiday, not my favorite, but I do enjoy the opportunity to dress up as someone/something else and, like I said, THE FREE CANDY. However, I am not a fan of scary movies, being scared or anything that jumps out at me unexpectedly. (For example, that scene in “The Hunger Games” when the mutts come out and attack Peeta? HEART ATTACK!) That being said, I certainly don’t hate Halloween but I don’t love it either.

My roommate on the other hand? Dreads it. Every year, without fail. Her reaction when we asked her what we wanted to do for Halloween was: “I don’t care. I’ll be sleeping.” When we asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween she said: “Myself.”

My mom is the same way. She always tells me how ridiculous she thinks it is for people to have to give out candy to strangers who come to your door. To which I make my argument again: IT’S FREE CANDY. And, bonus, you get to eat the leftovers! Seems like a sweet deal to me. (Mom didn’t appreciate my argument and said she’s boycotting by not getting candy this year. I told her good luck when the house gets TP’d.)

Anyway, I guess all I can say to you is HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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