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September 26, 2012 / NextStepU

Feeling competitive

It’s official: fall is upon us. And not just the almost fall when you’re in school but it’s still 80 degrees and shorts in the department stores haven’t gone on clearance yet.

No, this is fall fall. Fall with crisp clear days, changing leaves, apple picking and pumpkin everything.

Oh and there’s also this little thing called FOOTBALL.

As you can tell from my caps, I’m a big football fan. I grew up amongst a family of football fans (specifically Buffalo Bills fans but I don’t like to talk about that) so naturally it was required of me to become one too. With that comes a lot of heckling players on the television, (“You’re getting paid how much to do this? Catch the ball!”) arguing over who is the better player (“Eli Manning can run circles around Tom Brady. Oh you want proof, perhaps you should see their last two Super Bowls”) and, obviously, fantasizing over which football player will be my future husband (Yeah, it’s middle school but whatever, I embrace it.)

This year, my football season is a little bit different. I got recruited by my friend to join a fantasy football league and I thought, hey, I’ve got nothing to lose, why don’t I try it?

Fast-forward three weeks: I’m obsessed. And not the good obsessed where it leads to productivity and innovation. No, I’m obsessed in that I HAVE TO WIN.

For those of you who don’t know, fantasy football works like this: each week, two people in the league play each other and they earn points based on how well each of their players do. For example, points are earned for touchdowns and earning yards and points are lost when a team scores against another. At the end of all the games for the week, points are added up for the people playing each other and whoever in the matchup gets the most points wins for the week.

I should have realized that this was going to be a bad situation for me because I hate to lose. I don’t care if it’s Monopoly or an election, I will be competitive until the very end.

I don’t know if anyone else has this problem like me, but if you do I think you can agree that it comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Yes, it’s great when it comes to motivation but sometimes it can be done for the wrong reasons. So when it comes to being competitive, remember that it should be used as a way to fuel your ambitions, but not inhibit others. It’s true whether your competition is Monopoly or sports or being the top student in your class. Competition is everywhere, but don’t let it keep you from playing fair.

And there’s my disclaimer for the day! Work hard, do well and keep others on their toes. :)

Until next time,


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  1. Edward / Sep 26 2012 1:47 pm

    Fantasy Football… fun, time-consuming, competitive.

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