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September 10, 2012 / NextStepU

Major Monday – Information Technology

Do you speak binary? Are you able to fix your friends most complex computer problems? If this sounds like you, you might want to consider declaring a major in information technology.


This major is earned at both the bachelor’s and associate’s level so you can either spend 2 or 4 years in schooling to earn a degree. Typical courses that students in this major take include computer networking, database management systems, web technologies, computer science and professional and technical communications. High school courses like web design and AP Computer Programming can help you get pre-college credit and experience although they are not required. Students may also decide to take a specific track within the IT major like web development or telecommunications which will vary the kinds of courses that they end up taking.

What to know before you apply

When looking into different schools, students might want to start thinking about what area in particular they are interested in relating to information technology. For example, if you are interested in communications or business, you’ll want to look for schools that allow you to concentrate in a certain area. Students should also be aware of the internship opportunities different schools can offer them as well as finding schools who have professors with professional experience. Students in this major should be willing to take an internship while they are in school in order to gain experience and should be interested in improving the complex relationship between humans and computers.


Students in this major can pursue several career paths with this major including computer programming and computer and information systems managers. Computer programs average a yearly salary of $74,690 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and computer and information systems managers earn an average yearly salary of $120,640 as of 2009.


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