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September 4, 2012 / NextStepU

Tuesday Tour Day – University of Advancing Technology

This week, let’s take a tour of the University of Advancing Technology!

The University of Advancing Technology (UAT) offers a unique synthesis of academic excellence and technological innovation in order to position its graduates to reach the forefront of their professions. UAT offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in 20 advancing technology disciplines, including our most popular majors—Artificial Life Programming, Game Design, Game Programming, Advancing Computer Science and Network Security. UAT combined educational “global best practices” with its own research to create a learning model called Synchronic Learning, affording students the ability to complete a Bachelor’s degree in less than three years. UAT also offers a low student-to-faculty ratio of 12:1.

UAT provides a rich campus life for students and faculty. Our unique technology-infused campus facilities have been designed to enhance collaborative learning. Students, staff and faculty learn, create, live and play together in a team environment.

The University’s datacenter contains more than 60 physical servers and 20-30 Virtualized Servers running all of the services for the university. Using a combination of Boarder Gateway Protocol and Policy Base Routing, the University has connected the student dorm, Founder’s Hall, with an encrypted 125 MBit WiMax wireless connection. The campus offers free wireless coverage to all students and visitors and maintains a separate, encrypted wireless network for the University administrators.

The University deploys enough workstations for local system usage for all users. These workstations are purchased annually with a 33% cycle, which means 1/3 of the workstations are new each year. When necessary the University deploys additional, specialty workstations for specific uses such as Xbox development workstations, 360 development workstations and a 3D printer that copies and builds three dimensional models. The University offers, at no charge to students, access to professional-level software applications that directly relate to their technology field of study.

The University of Advancing Technology makes every attempt to ensure that all qualified students can afford their education. Our Office of Student Financial Aid is committed to helping families with the aid application process, individualized counseling and customized packaging of college funding for those who qualify.

UAT’s Admissions Office is looking for that student who is not only smart, but who will also be a fit with our unique technology-infused campus culture. UAT welcomes exceptional students who are passionate about learning in every phase of their life. Just as important in the admissions process is your passion and aptitude for technology.

The UAT admissions process can begin as early as your Sophomore year in high school. This can be a great benefit to you, since it allows you to create a relationship with a representative from the University, who can help guide you, every step of the way.



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