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July 11, 2012 / NextStepU

Back-to-school in summer…the injustice!

To add another weird fact about myself that you probably don’t care about but I’m going to tell you anyway is that I love to read the Sunday ads that come in the paper. There’s nothing like lounging around with a cup of coffee and checking out the latest deals (for one week only!)

Which is why you can imagine my dismay when I’m looking through the Target ad this past weekend and see that they are already highlighting – get this – back to school gear.

So it begins…

To which I say – how dare you? Last time I checked it was still July which is also known as the middle of the summer, also known as a time where the horrors we call “homework” and “essays” are something of a frightening memory.

But no, my brief respite from all that is school is being tread upon by these early back-to-school shenanigans. While my brain wants to think about what it will during the summer (which is often nothing) instead I am getting that awkward “I feel like I should be doing something even though I have nothing to do” feeling. Ridiculous!

Although (begrudgingly), I have to admit they might be onto something by getting ready early. Since I am the queen of procrastination, I often leave my back-to-school planning until the very last second when I reach PANIC MODE and frantically search for the things that I need that sometimes turns to be sold out. This tendency often leads to trouble, especially in college because when there are no more used books left in the bookstore and you don’t have time to buy that exceedingly expensive book for a discount online and you end up shelling out hundreds of dollars on new books because you have no other choice. (Not that I’ve ever done that. It’s just…it could happen!)

So despite the fact that I want to shield my eyes from all things that remind me of the workload to come (especially it being my senior year!!) I suppose I should be getting prepared for my final year at college. It’s never to early to start planning for the school year and, really, if it’s out of the way now you’ve got the rest of the summer to enjoy as you please! Perhaps by getting in touch with your roommate or getting cool stuff for your dorm. Whatever you do…don’t put it all off until the last second!

Happy planning!

Until next time,



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