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June 27, 2012 / NextStepU

The rambling thoughts of a brain on summer

So, as I’ve mentioned at least seven times in the last few blog posts that I’ve made, it’s officially summertime! And, probably like most of the population, my brain tends to go to mush at the thought of summer. It (meaning my brain) also likes to go on vacation without telling me sometimes, causing zombie-like reactions from body and a lot of strange looks from people who I don’t realize are talking to me until it’s too late.

Where’s the section for talking in accents?

My point (and yes, there is one coming) is that I can’t always be responsible for the things that I do. When my brain has packed its bags for somewhere sane (that apparently doesn’t exist in my head), I’m left to live my life on my own accord. Which leaves me in some strange situations such as:

  • That time I walked into the revolving door. Again, to the people on the other side, I’m sorry for holding up traffic for 5 minutes while I tried to get by abnormally large purse out of the door.
  • When I started talking in a southern accent to the cashier at the department store. But that wasn’t really my fault. That was more a result of watching True Blood for six hours in a row. You can’t watch Vampire Bill say “Sookehhh” 80 times in a row without picking up a southern Louisiana accent.
  • Laughing so loud that my voice echoes.  Which may or may not have accidentally sent a sonar call to bats in the area.

There must be so much more but I think I’ve embarrassed myself enough for one blog post. For those of you who are thinking “what the heck did this post have to do with anything and why did I just waste two minutes of my life reading the thoughts of a possible raging lunatic?”

Yeah, I asked myself the same thing. But hey, it’s summer, our brains our mush and I don’t think anyone wants to read about the ramblings of a quantum physicist. So I guess the rambling thoughts of a college student in her last summer (EVER!!) will just have to do.

Hoping your brain enjoys a nice vacation; until next time,



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