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June 6, 2012 / NextStepU

It’s National Running Day! Sounds tiring…

Disclaimer: I did NOT run 4.5 miles today. But I might go out later for 4.5 minutes.

Upon investigation (and by investigation I mean Google) it has been discovered that today is National Running Day. While this doubtless may be exciting for some, I would certainly be lying if I said that this is a holiday that I look forward to every year. I am not one of those hard-core runners who seem to be able to run for miles without breaking a sweat. I, on the other hand, am one of those once-or-twice-a-week-if-I’m-lucky runners who goes around half of the block and gets winded.

I’ve tried everything I can think of to will by body into ignoring the fact that it gets tired when I run. I’ve tried music (which usually ends up with me in a frustrated rage when my headphones WILL NOT STAY IN MY EARS), I’ve tried meditating while running (which usually ends with me zoning out and nearly getting hit by a car), and I’ve even tried channeling some inner animal instinct that will help me run for ages (which always ends in me wondering if I’ve lost my mind).

The problem is, I do feel good about myself after I run. And not just because it makes my legs look good (because I’m vain that way). It’s also for that inner victory fist pump that my body gives me after I run that says, “Way to go, self! If you were in the Hunger Games right now, you might not be the first to die!” (Or something to that extent). So it’s especially frustrating when I give up on my running instinct for less intensive activities like watching TV or staring at the wall.

So, to all you runners out there who are probably going nuts for this nice weather that’s coming around, I beg of you to share your secrets with me. Can I ever possibly become as dedicated of a runner as you? Will I ever be able to go for more than ten minutes without keeling over and dying? Are there headphones that exist that will actually stay in your ears??

Regardless of all my complaints, I still wish for all of you to enjoy this year’s National Running Day. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to begin my countdown to next year’s National Day of Pancakes.

Until next time,



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