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May 21, 2012 / NextStepU

Major Monday: Social media careers

Did you know you could get paid to do social media? It’s true. Although, it’s a relatively recent vocation, which didn’t exist a decade ago.

Today, social media managers are expected to have a deep understanding of the many types of social media and a passion for connecting and sharing with people online. But they’re also expected to have one more thing: knowledge of marketing, communications and business, best proven with a relevant degree.

An educational foundation
A degree in marketing, communications or public relations can provide an excellent educational foundation for a social media manager. Journalism and English degrees can also be highly relevant due to social media’s emphasis on writing.

You may work for a company or nonprofit in an in-house position, or you may work for an agency serving clients. Within your social media responsibilities and actions, you’ll facilitate overall marketing and communication goals, requiring a grasp of audiences, messaging, consumer behavior, copywriting and other marketing and communication subjects.

Salary expectations lists an annual salary range for social media managers of $38,000 to $83,000. Your salary will depend on the size of your employer and the scope of its social media activity and geographic location.

—> To read more about this exciting career and what you need to study in college, CLICK HERE!


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  1. Alexzandria C.hill / May 21 2012 10:45 am

    I majored in Marketing while I was in college. I noticed I had a natural attraction to social media not only for the social aspects, but for business purposes as well. One piece of advice I would give to students is that if you are interested in doing this as a profession, take on the role as “Social Media Manager” or “Director of Communications” for your student organizations. It can help you build a portfolio your employers can trace back to. That’s how snagged my dream job =) Good luck!

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