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April 23, 2012 / NextStepU

Book review – College Cooking

College Cooking: Feed Yourself and Your Friends

“I learned the hard way that cooking in your first apartment is not the same as cooking at Mom’s house,” says Megan Carle, co-author of the cookbook “College Cooking.” Many college students are in the same boat; struggling to navigate the waters of the culinary world after spending years getting fed by mom.

Written by sisters Megan and Jill Carle, this cookbook hopes to assist students by providing easy, nutritious and tasty meals that are suitable for students of any cooking skill level.

The book opens with a couple of quick kitchen rules, including a list of basic tools and ingredients as well as guides to cooking techniques like frying and peeling garlic.

Recipes are separated according to categories like “Survival Cooking,” which claims that “if you can read, you can make these recipes,” as well as other themes like “Avoiding the Freshman Fifteen,” “Cheap Eats” and “Just Like Mom Makes.”

If you need to prepare a feast for a crowd, there are several party themes with a full menu to match. Included are a Greek food “Toga Party,” a spicy Mexican meal for “Cinco de Mayo,” and an “Oktoberfest” featuring the best of German cuisine.

“As hard as it may be for our parents to believe, even college students get sick of fast food,” says Megan. For students who can’t stomach one more Big Mac, “College Cooking” is a great tool for students navigating the kitchen on their own for the first time.

By Laura Sestito, a junior at Nazareth College and is a writer at NextStepU Magazine.
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