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March 28, 2012 / NextStepU

Problems of a College Student

After being in college for a couple of years, it’s easy to forget about some of the problems I used to have back in high school. For example, trying to figure out how to finish all 10 pages of reading I had to do for my AP American History class or whether I was going to bag it or buy for lunch the next day. Worst, though was the waiting around for my college acceptance letters as a senior.

A lot of you might be in the same boat right about now. The good news is: those problems are eventually going to all go away.

To be replaced with entirely new ones! (Hooray).

I tend to be that person who over-exaggerates my problems. When it’s too hot I’m dying of heat. When I’ve stayed up too late studying for a test I’m dying of exhaustion. When I’m waiting for Campus Safety to come open my door for the third time because I locked myself out again, I see my life passing before my eyes. (I think you get the gist now).

The fact is college is going to present a whole new set of “problems” that everyone has to learn how to deal with.

For example, here’s a list of my most significant:

1. Making time for reading assignments. You don’t get 10 pages a night – you get three chapters. Long, long chapters.

2. Caffeine addiction. Long nights + early mornings + warm classes and a professor with a soothing voice = drinking coffee 24/7.

3. Night class getting in the way of television schedule. I’ve missed Glee for the past two months. Not. Okay.

And the list goes on. But, hey everybody has got their own kind of problems, so why would college be any different? Just be smart when you come across an issue of your own and figure out how to deal with it to the best of your ability

Got your own #CollegeProblems? Whether you’re a high school student waiting on that acceptance letter or a college student who’s getting burnt out, let us know on Twitter!


Until next time,

Laura the Intern
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  1. lindseypalardy / Oct 3 2012 10:12 am

    I have recently hit the hard fact of life of growing up! I am in my sophomore year at Endicott college and I feel the pressures weighing me down. I miss the easy life of high school!

    • NextStepU / Oct 5 2012 9:40 am

      Sophomore year is a huge shock! I remember thinking “oh this isn’t so bad” freshman year and then – BAM no more hand holding. Good luck with everything and I promise once you get into a routine things will get better. :) -Laura

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