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January 30, 2012 / NextStepU

Ask a College Student Forum: Now on!

Hey NextSteppers!

Are you feeling really overwhelmed by the whole college process? I know when I was trying to figure out my post-high school plans I had a really tough time deciding where to start, what to look for and what to expect out of college.

So, since I’ve been through it all and made it to the other side (relatively) unscathed, I want to give all of you in the NextStepU community the opportunity to ask me those burning questions that you might be holding on to but have no idea who to ask.

I’ve set up a discussion in the College Discussion board on the NextStepU Community page on our website (College Discussion: Ask a College Student!) where you can ask me anything about the college process that you’re worried about, curious about or just don’t feel like you’re getting enough information about and I’ll do my best to give you some advice based on the experience that I’ve had. Also feel free to e-mail me your questions to my account at or send me an inbox message on the forum boards (my username is InternLaura).

I really look forward to hearing from you all and I hope I can make your next step into college a little bit of an easier transition!

Until next time,


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