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January 26, 2012 / michelleinclema

NextStepU presents scholarships galore

Are you looking for more scholarship money? We have compiled a HUGE list of scholarships being offered by colleges nationwide; perhaps one (or several) of your top choice schools are on this list!

If you already sent in your college applications, search for those colleges. Make sure you know of all available scholarships. Someone has to win this money, why not you?

If you are not a high school senior, reviewing this list can help you find where the big scholarships are located. You can start preparing now to make yourself a qualified candidate (for example, some are awarded based on SAT scores or community service work).

Here are just a few examples:

  • Did you know that the State University of Brockpor in New York gives $4,500 away to qualified freshmen, and that amount is renewable for three years? This is one of several scholarships offered!
  • Texas A and M is offering a truckload of scholarships, including freshmen scholarships ranging from $4,000-$10,000 based solely on SAT/ACT score (no separate application required!!) These scholarships are also renewable!
  • At Eastern Illinois University, top students can get FULL FOUR-YEAR PAID TUITION for high ACT scores and class ranking, up to a $40,000 value.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit NextStepU for the full listing!
Search by region, the colleges are list alphabetically.

Happy (scholarship) hunting!


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