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December 19, 2011 / michelleinclema

Major Monday- Polysomnographic sleep technologist

Are you sleepless in Seattle, or restless in Raleigh?

You could be suffering from a sleep related disorder, such as sleep apnea, insomnia or narcolepsy. There are 84 different classifications of sleep disorders, and more than 70 million Americans are suffering. In fact, sleep disorders are one of the fastest growing health concerns today. With this in mind, the need for trained sleep disorder technologists is in high demand. Requirements to work in this field vary from state to state, but most involve technical training and licensing.

Recently, Genesee Community College developed a Polysomnographic Technology curriculum to train students to evaluate, treat and care for patients with sleep problems. After completing a 66-credit program in classes such as Anatomy and Physiology, Sleep Study Instrumentation and Psychology, students are prepared to take the national Registered Polysomnographic Technology examination. In Ohio, Mercy College offers a short-term certificate program that prepares students to work in the field in one year.

Typically, a polysomnographic technologist will work in a sleep clinic atmosphere, observing a patient’s breathing, brain waves and heart rate while they sleep. They will collect data and report the information to a sleep physician who makes a diagnosis and recommends treatment. They may also counsel the patient on how to use special devices that will help them sleep.

Consider this career if: You are interested in sleep science, detail-oriented and willing to work nights (you are watching people sleep, after all!)




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