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July 21, 2011 / enidarbelo

The GRE gets a makeover

For those of you considering graduate school, you’ll likely have to take the SAT’s cousin — the GRE. The new test, which will launch on Aug. 1, is used by colleges and universities to gauge prospective graduate students. The test measures verbal and quantitative skills and also has an essay component. Changes to the test include an increased time limit and additional sections, specifically in the area of reading comprehension. However, the test now has no analogies (those were awful!) and you’re allowed to use a calculator.

Want to know how you would do on the new GRE? Check out this article from the New York Times. It even has a short practice quiz at the end!

No one really enjoys taking tests, but we all know they are a necessary part of the college application process. Same goes for graduate school. Sure, it’s only one aspect of your application, but doing well on the test definitely helps. That’s why we created an entire section on preparing for standardized tests. Click here for more tips and resources.

Good luck on your test!

(Now stop surfing the Web and go work on improving your vocab!)


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