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April 18, 2011 / enidarbelo

Acing an internship

This week we are saying goodbye to our spring intern, Bryn. You’ve read some of her ideas and advice on this blog, and you’ll read about her travel abroad experiences when you pick up a print copy of our May magazine or download the e-Mag.

We will miss her here at the NextStepU offices. She was a hard worker, was friendly and professional and always had a smile on her face!

Bryn’s departure got me to thinking about what makes a great intern, and I’ve come to some conclusions. So if you want to impress your internship supervisor and get the most out of the internship here are a few pointers:

1) Talk to people: I’m not saying you have to gab all the time. But say “good morning” and introduce yourself to people you share a space with. Maybe even join them in the cafeteria for lunch. It will make your experience more fun (hey, they could turn out to be cool people) and it will make it easier when you need to ask someone for help. Plus, internships are all about establishing relationships and networking — so don’t just put your head down and let the experience pass you by.

2) Ask questions: Being new to a job means you don’t have all the answers, and that’s OK. But ask for help or guidance, especially if an assignment is clear. Don’t make assumptions. Your supervisor will appreciate your curiosity because it shows you care about the work you’re doing. And don’t be afraid to ask why things are done a certain way. Your fresh perspective could force others to rethink the status quo.

3) Be appreciative: An internship is a great opportunity. So be thankful for the role you’ve been given. Sure it can feel like the work you’re doing is pretty mundane sometimes, but remember that you are there for a reason. It’s a foot in the door, a possible recommendation and real-world experience.

Want more on internships? Check out this article at Good luck to all of you interning out there! Have fun and make the most of it!


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