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March 4, 2011 / NextStepU

Typical College Day – Julia

Julia Benson, a freshman at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, tells us her typical college day.

9:45 a.m.: Wake up to the two alarm clocks I have set. 10:15: Meet two of my friends for breakfast (usually go with french toast and sausage). 11: Art History begins. 12:15 p.m.: Art history (and my power nap) ends. 12:30: Western Civilization begins. 2: Advertising begins. 3:15: Done with classes for the day! 3:30: Catch a late lunch at either the dining hall or Husker Hoagies. 4: Chill back in the dorm/nap/watch TV/homework/waste my time on Facebook. 4:45: Go to Ad Club (a club for advertising majors). 6: Grab dinner with my roommate and floor neighbor. 9: Zumba Class at the REC. 10:30: Doing all the homework I should have been doing earlier. 12:45 a.m.: Bed! Finally!

So, what will your college day look like?

This article and more can be found in the March/April issue of NextStepU Magazine. The new issue reaches your school or mailbox next week!



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