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September 16, 2010 / enidarbelo

Dorm dwellers: Beware of bedbugs

Sure, we all know that dorm living has its ups and downs, but who knew we’d have to worry about bedbugs!

According to Inside Higher Ed, reports of infestations at colleges across the country have been steadily emerging. Cases of bedbugs in college housing have been reported from the University of Colorado at Boulder to New York University and dozens of other schools across the country.

Bedbugs are pinhead-sized bugs that can live on fabric, in crevices or pretty much anywhere. They leave welts after biting, but you may never react to them considering up to 70 percent of people don’t.

Some colleges are developing educational programs (Pennsylvania State University has a catchy poster about their new program, titled “Who’s sleeping in your bed”) about how to get rid of the creepy bugs or how to avoid them from coming back. Meanwhile, other schools are even requiring that students sleep elsewhere so fumigation can occur.

So do you know what’s in your bed? If you have concerns about your bedbugs or think you’ve been bit, talk to someone in your housing department. They are there to help.


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