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August 30, 2010 / enidarbelo

Pictures can make a dorm feel like home

Dorm living is different.

It probably feels like you are moving into the smallest space of your life! But just because you are squeezing your whole room into a quad doesn’t mean you have to lose your personality!

To help with the transition, I started doing a bit of online research and I found a million sites (actually 136,000 in a simple Google search) about dorm decorating. There was always one suggestion that kept coming to the top of the lists—pictures.

You can use your own photos, cut images out of magazines or even buy cheap postcards from all the amazing places you want to visit and use them to cover a cork board, fill a frame or decorate a wall. This will not only help ease the homesickness but also serve as a way to highlight new memories!

Looking for more tips on dorm decorating? If so, check out this article with lots of other ideas! (But be sure to have all decor ideas approved by your RA.)

Need more advice about the big move, read Step #18!


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