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August 6, 2010 / enidarbelo

Is studying as popular as it used to be?

I’m not old enough to say “back in my day” but I definitely remember having my head in books for countless hours during my high school and college years, and even most recently, for my graduate degree.

But when I stumbled upon a little factoid today, I couldn’t believe it!  In the 1960s students used to study 24 hours a week. Today, that number is closer to 14, according to a recently released report by the American Enterprise Institute and reported in

Sometimes the Internet gets a bad wrap because it’s where we all go for information these days. But this report doesn’t blame the Web or technology in general. Instead, they put the pressure on colleges and high schools to give students more “in-depth” projects that would create the need for more study halls.

What do you think? Are we all turning to the Internet as study resources these days? Or are schools just dishing out less homework?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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