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May 26, 2010 / nextstepanswergirl

Some lessons to live by

It’s always good to review some basic lessons to live by. Here are some great lessons from the book AIM HIGH! 101 Tips For TeensBuy the book here, and find more tips here.

• Ethics and morals are important.
Ethics are the moral standards and rules of correct conduct.
An ethical person has the ability to pick and choose the proper way to act.
Take pride in acting correctly.

• Develop your goals.
Goals are what you want to achieve.
Make a plan, and imagine yourself achieving your goals.

• Your imagination and your work each day will help you achieve your goals.

• Accept responsibility.
Take responsibility for what you do.

• Listen to the person responsible for your care.
Think about what a parent or caring adult says to you.
If you disagree, disagree in a respectful manner.
A caring adult usually has your best interest in mind when making a decision affecting your life.


Leave a comment letting us know what one life lesson has meant the most to you!

We’ll choose one lucky commenter to win both a prize pack from The University of Toledo.


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  1. Ryan Martin / May 27 2010 9:47 pm

    Treat each day as a blessing.

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